Lock out the fans... er, I mean a Fan Lockout!

I'm still trying to stop rolling my eyes at the ill conceived notion by brethren on the official Atlanta Thrashers message forum: Time for the fans to LOCKOUT!

Lets see, what kind of ideas does this one rank up there with? How about "Don't buy gas on (insert date here) to protest the price at the pumps"? If it accomplishes anything, all it does is show the league there is fan interest in the sport. Whoopty shit, we prove that every single day.

To continue the idiocy of this idea, a Lockout is keeping labor from operating until they reach a contractual agreement with ownership. Ownership keeps labor from doing there jobs. Now, if this was a boycott, then it could be said that the fans were trying to show that they were pissed off. To lock out the fans is just to keep them where they already are, on the outside of the sport, looking in.

If you really want to protest, or really want to show that you are fed up with the NHL and NHLPA's utter bullshit, please sign up and join the NHLFA. It's a lot more constructive and they already have a line with the league... unlike any other group now showing up to dispute this labor standstill.