"Major business announcement" by Lightning for Monday, January 31st

After the terrible tragedy of last week and the postponement of business-related announcements and certain wardrobe announcements, the Lightning have released their new date of their "Brand and Business Transformation"

Of course, most of the eyes are on the new jersey designs and new logo designs that will be made public on Monday at noon. We've (the public) also become aware that changes are in store at the St. Pete Times Forum (seating replacement, new party deck, and the addition of a pipe organ to the building among other changes). All of the listed people form last week (Jeff Vinik, Tod Leiweke, Espo, Andreychuk, Vinny, Marty, Stammer) are listed as attending.

All that's left is the 12 PM conference on Monday to see what we've been wondering about. The noon-time event will likely be streamed live on Tampabaylightning.com and potentially aired on local cable channel Bright House Sports Network. Stay tuned.

BTW -- in comments, feel free to speculate as much as you want on the uniform design -- post mock ups or concepts if you want.

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