Marlins inching closer to relocation?

Not feeling great here folks... but there is some news out there that deserves discussion....
The Florida Marlins and Miami have been given a deadline to reach -- June 9th -- by Major League Baseball The deadline specifies that financing for a new ballpark must be in place by then and la-de-da.

With the Washington D.C> region caving in to MLB's blackmail demands, the league feels it's in a good position to force the hand of local politics in order to get new stadiums built... The Marlins have been living on the promise of a new stadium since the team was awarded in the early 1990's.... And of course they have also been living on the dream of having that new stadium built which has been in several different incarnations over the years.

Of course, i could speculate that this is something for the Tampa Bay area to watch because MLB will likely pull this same scenario after Stu Sternberg takes over -- but why would Florida or Tampa Bay fund a new ballpark for the most pathetic franchise in Pro Sports?