Media General Ballpark

The Tampa Tribune decided to piecemeal several current stadium concepts into one new ballpark for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays -- You can check out the design and the features on their web site.

A retractable roof structure (of the clam-design featured at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) is employed with minarets (a la the University of Tampa's Plant Hall). The model is viewable from 360 degrees and is not an officially proposed stadium for the Rays. This is just wishful thinking by the staff at the Tribune. No doubt that wishful thinking also includes the stadium being dubbed Tampa Tribune Ballpark, with the stadium located in downtown St. Petersburg. After all, the Tribune needs a retort for the St. Petersburg Times owning naming rights to the arena formerly known as Ice Palace in downtown Tampa.

There is a forthcoming article about this proposal scheduled to be published this Sunday (7-08-07) in the Tribune.