Quick Strikes for Wednesday, October 29

Broken fingers, broken teams, broken pucks, and best wishes for Gordie Howe.

  • Best wishes, thoughts, and prayers to Mr. Hockey, Gordie Howe, and his family. He suffered a stroke last Sunday. We all hope for a fast and full recovery for you, sir. [The Detroit News]
  • Victor Hedman and his broken finger. Le sigh. Get better soon, Heddy. Anton Stralman is lonesome for you on that blue line. [Tampa Bay Times]
  • An AHLer who plays for the Binghamton Senators, Brad Mills, got suspended for 20 games for flunking a drug test. How do you flunk a drug test, you might ask? Easy. Take drugs. (Ask a silly question....) [AHL]
  • Chalk this up to being far too competitive for his own good. Columbus Blue Jackets forward Nick Foligno couldn't feel his extremities very well, but didn't want to leave the ice on a stretcher. Maybe he wanted his teammates to carry him off? [Columbus Dispatch]
  • The early statistical trend suggests that the Buffalo Sabres will win the race to the bottom for Connor McDavid. Not sure if EA Sports simulations agree with that or not, however. They just like to talk about silly things, like who will win the Stanley Cup. Yawn. [TSN]
  • If this is any indication, then it looks like those fancy stats are probably going to be right. TEN shots all game versus the Leafs?! Yep. Ten shots all game versus the Toronto Maple Leafs. Oh, boy. [Die By the Blade]
  • Speaking of McDavid, word out of the OHL is that he shattered a puck on the crossbar of the net during practice. Erie Otters assistant coach apparently tweeted about it earlier. Rumor has it the puck's name was Humpty Dumpty. [Yahoo! Sports Buzzing the Net]
  • The general manager of the Lightning's next opponent, the Philadelphia Flyers, talks about how he loves being a GM. Ron Hextall was always knowns as being a little nutty as a goalie while playing in the NHL. I guess some things never really change. [Los Angeles Times]