Something awkward, something funny

It's Something Awful's sports argument Wiki.

The Something Awful community has there say of snark, sarcasm and black humor about teams, players and sports in general on the aforelinked web site. From cringe-inducing weak barbs such as calling the Devil Rays "The first AAA Team ever to play in the American League East" to the golden and sadly accurate description of the Toronto Maple Leafs:
As a result of this, every time the free agency, the Toronto-based hockey media and Maple Leafs fans everywhere begin wildly speculating as to just how eager the sport's biggest stars are to fulfill their lifelong dreams and come to their favorite organization, and happy they will be to sign for league minimum in exchange for playing for the greatest team in the history of athletic competition.Providing a list of the players who want to play for the Maple Leafs would surely be a waste of time and bandwidth because odds are that if you can name an NHL player, he would give his left leg to be a Maple Leaf for just one shift.

Maybe that's a little cruel, but if Doug hadn't basically recited above talking points to a T last year here on Boltsmag I woudl try to be kind and dismiss everything as hearsay.

Of course the Lightning aren't left out of the fun but fortunately, their profile is too weak to care.