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Lightning Round: Vancouver Canucks in the market for defense bolstering

The Vancouver Canucks have only won one game this season (last night), so now they’re putting feelers out for help on defense. Yesterday we talked about the possibility Cal Foote is expendable, and I think he is. Philippe Myers, too. In a vacuum he might not fetch very much value back, but for a desperate Canucks team pressed up against the cap debating between a cheap pickup versus spending a lot more for someone better, Foote might be all they can afford.

Looking at forwards that could come the other way, I see some good players on AHL deals with Abbotsford for the Crunch, or one of many on the NHL roster making less than a million right now. We know with the Lightning that it’s more about fit for them than raw talent, flawed or not. Andrei Kuzmenko, Dakota Joshua, or Nils Åman, maybe?

Does a trade with Vancouver make sense?

Yup, defense for forward trade seems pretty obvious 22
Don’t want anything to do with that team 5
Couldn’t hurt to inquire 34

Vancouver already started making moves yesterday, acquiring forward Jack Studnicka from Boston for goalie Michael DiPietro and longshot defense prospect Jonathan Myrenberg. They probably have the ability to grab a defender for a different forward now.

The Florida Panthers kept up their tradition of only caring about the score in the last five minutes of a losing game. This chart is them both turning every possible jet on, and Tortorella trying to make the biggest turtle in history.

Chicago and Edmonton played in what I now call the Worst Kane Bowl and both teams only spent about half of it at 5v5, including a staggering five minutes out of the 20 in the second period. The final score was 6-5 Edmonton in regulation and featured a McDavid four-point night. E. Kane took three penalties, including two while on the power play, one of which was him jumping on the goalie trying to make it look like an accident.

This is a fun story about Calgary’s new “nerdy” organ player. [CBC Sports]

“Friends who were big hockey fans would let me know if people caught the latest Cardi B song that I dropped or maybe the latest meme that was blowing up.”

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