Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup Photos

Here's an open request for links to various photo galleries on the web that host pictures from the playoffs / from the championship and the aftermath. I know a lot of people are still looking for photos and I'd love to point out where to go to find different snap shots of different events.

First off, with what I have already -- Tampabaylightning.com posted 10 "aftermath" shots from game 7. The first picture is the sweetest -- Dave sipping form the Cup.

The second game 7 gallery is from the St. Petersburg Times (which offers a whole playoff-long photo gallery list)3 Nothing besides game photos on this one.

Webshot's hockey community has images from the victory parade.. Hard to recognize anyone and the photos are of the players more than the Parade itself.

Of course we can't forget our friends (sic) at the Tampa Tribune who put out a flash gallery of photos from the victory parade.

Neil Hughes of Rev.log sent me his directory of Game 7 Photos that he's collected off the net. They are a ton of great high definition pictures of mostly post-game stuff. Some in-game photos are included.

You got a source for more photos? Anyone have a source of some from Game 7? Drop me a line or post on the comments and I will update this post accordingly.