Taylor named Captain

So today, Tim Taylor was formally named captain of the Tampa Bay Lightning. This shouldn't be met with the confusion or the disappointment that some might see in Taylor's naming.

The move shows the Lightning aren't immediately going to try to put one of Vincent Lecavalier or Brad Richards over the other. Lecavalier has served as team captain in the past, he is the one who has been formally groomed to be a captain by the Lightning over the years. Brad Richards, who has been nothing short of consistant since entering the NHL, was always the afterthought until the 2004 playoffs, the 2005-06 season and his new contract with the Lightning which makes him one of the highest paid players in the NHL.

Pay scale, however, shouldn't be a determining factor in naming someone team captain.

Brad never served as an assistant captain with the Bolts over the years. Where he might seem a logical choice to name as team leader to some, he lacks the tenure with the Lightning leadership chores to suddenly unsurp Lecavalier.

This is not saying Brad will never be captain, this is not saying Vincent is a lock to be the next Lightning captain after Tim Taylor... This is saying that John Tortorella and Jay Feaster have made a wise move by deferring this question until a later date.