Question of the week: What about the Norfolk Admirals?

As many know, I try to make a trip to Norfolk once a month to see how the Admirals are doing. I enjoy attending these games and would like to go more often, but even though I live in Virginia, it's still a three-hour drive one way to get to Norfolk from where I live.

And it's always a struggle to figure out what I should write. As I only see them in one-game snap shots, I know that doing any kind of an evaluation isn't really comprehensive. A player may be having a fantastic game when I'm there, or having an off night. Since I don't attend games on a more regular basis, I can't really gauge improvement or non-improvement.

As for what I write about my visits, I'm really just guessing about what people may want to hear. Doing a game recap, I feel, serves no real purpose. Sure, you'll get to read about how I thought a game went, but that doesn't really help people out if they just want a status report on certain players.

So I need everyone to help me out here. I asked my fellow writers this question, but I definitely want to hear back from our readers on this. I'm writing this stuff for you, after all, and I'm very interested to hear about what you want when it comes to Norfolk.

So the question of the week is this: Are you interested in what's going on with the Norfolk Admirals? Why or why not?

Clark Brooks - Staff Writer / Ridiculously Inconsistent Trickle of Consciousness

I am not. Oddly enough, I understand exactly how the minor league system works in baseball, but hockey isn't the same and I've never been able to really figure it out. I'll glance at stats from time to time and seek out individual names, but as an entity, no, I'm not really interested in the Admirals.

Matt Amos - Staff Writer / Don't Trade Vinny

At the moment? No. Down the road? Yes.

As I've mentioned on several other outlets, I've been wrapped up in the St. Louis Cardinals improbable run, and haven't yet shifted full gear to hockey yet. I'll get there.

Dani Toth - Staff Writer / Benched Whale, Lightning Hockey Blog

I am not interested enough to watch their games (can you even watch their games online?) or anything, although I am interested in individual prospects and how they are doing with the Ads. I get most of my updates from @BoltProspects and the awesome site they run.

John Fontana - Managing Editor / Raw Charge

While I'm interested in the successes and the failings of the Norfolk Admirals, I can't say I am following them explicitly. There are some interesting talents on the Ads this season like Cory Conacher, Carter Ashton, Richard Panik, Dustin Tokarski, Radko Gudas and plenty of others.

But I don't actively chase coverage, or look at the AHL standings. It's not disinterest in players developing, it's more of growing up a Lightning fan for so long and seeing so little emphasis put on the minor league system (by both the team and local media). If you look at the Tampa Bay Rays coverage in Major League Baseball, how well the minor league system is stocked and is performing is almost always at a forefront because of the importance of the team getting talent from within. In hockey, that kind of development is not stressed.

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